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"Top 5 Tips for Mastering Your Corn Hole Game This Summer"

All of us love family get-togethers with backyard barbecues filling the air with the aroma of the most delectable delicacies cooked afresh, tangy lemonades, and fun all around! This is undoubtedly the best way to enjoy yourself with friends and family in the summer. However, to complete the fun, we need a lot of good-natured competition. For this reason, many families like to feature competing teams whereby players attempt to toss small square bags into a round hole of an attractively designed rectangular board. Yes, you guessed it right! It’s a cornhole game!


A Few Things about Cornhole Game

Players of all ages love to play this game. The players take turns throwing the bags into the round hole in the far end of the board. When your bag lands in the hole, you score the maximum number of points (3 points), while if it lands on the board, you get one point. The bags that do not reach or fall onto the cornhole board do not score any points. The game continues until a player has reached a score of 21 points.

Cornhole bags in the official size get filled with corn kernels, plastic beads, or sand. These must be double-stitched at the seams to create firm and sturdy bags. The game surely got its name from the act of throwing the bag filled with corn into the hole on the board. However, the game is also referred to by various other names like bean bag toss, baggo, doghouse, tailgate, and more.

Get it designed!

Most players prefer using the official cornhole boards to play the cornhole game. In the online market, one can order custom-designed cornhole boards complete with official-sized cornhole bags in a similar design to get an attractive cornhole game set.

Please reach out to Cornhole Game to find out more about this wonderful game and have a look at some of the cool items like cornhole boards and cornhole accessories. And if you don’t see what you like, ask about our custom designed game sets! #cornholestop

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