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Corn Hole – The Best Game To Play With Your Friends and Family

Pickup a cornhole game now for your next family reunion, it is guaranteed to provide entertainment that is both easy to play and a game board that is easy to move. Cornhole game is even for your kids; it is simple to learn and incredibly safe, with our lightweight cornhole bags. Enjoy an afternoon or a full weekend with a family friendly cornhole game tournament.

Cornhole game can be easily moved around; take it to any party or camp-out, no need to anchor down the game in one location. Enjoy the portability of this game by taking to your friends or using it at home. The cornhole boards can be easily stored away in your garage or shed.

To play cornhole game; throw the cornhole bags onto the board or into the hole on the board. Three points will be given for making it into the hole and one point is given for landing the bag on the board. The first person to score 21 points wins the game.

At your next party with family or friends bring this portable cornhole game for a fun competition that gets everyone involved. Visit family cornhole game to buy now.


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